" Where quality is the main focus from start to the end "

Trading and supplier of equipment and solutions for oil, gas, petrochemical and energy

LACCO S.R.L is an experienced and dynamic company founded in 2018 to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and professionally managed with high level connections and contacts to engage in the export and import of various products and parts in the oil, gas industry , petrochemical and agricultural within the global market focusing on Europe and the Middle East. We trade and move physical products from where they are abundant to where they are most needed - we do it reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We want to enter the new world market with our highest capabilities and facilities while getting the most out of our experience. We ensure operational excellence in every LACCO department by employing the most qualified people, offering our employees excellent training programs and development opportunities, treating all employees fairly and ethically, and creating a work atmosphere that fosters openness, creativity , teamwork and resourcefulness. We always meet or exceed our commitments with our shareholders, business partners and customers. Our company is committed to providing exceptional, personalized and flexible service to our national and international clients. We understand our customers' needs and will work hard to provide innovative, creative and low cost solutions. LACCO has established partnerships with many companies in various regions that enable us to meet the needs of customers interested in sourcing or to assist customers who require customers for their products.

LACCO. SRL, thanks to sourcing the highest quality products and equipment, can stabilize its position as one of the leading equipment suppliers in Europe, meeting the needs of many industries such as oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals and power plants. LACCO is able to offer these equipments and products with suitable price and additional services in the shortest possible time.

 Mr. Kasra Khalili, CEO 

  • Via Giovanni Battista Soresina, 16, Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy